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President Donald J. Cuck
By Lucas McKane

Trump has been doing his best to be a good neo conman, doing everything the global elite want, and totally betraying all of his electoral promises to America, such as building the wall. Yes, there is money to engage in all the bullyboy activities the real rulers of the world want, but nothing to defend the American homeland. Money can still go for abortions, contrary to election promises, but no money for the wall: Fuck, we are not even going to pull out of NAFTA, which this lying bathplug swore an oath of blood that he would do: You see what comes Mr. Bond from having all of this debt to the global banking establishment. It is exhausting. You need to be impeached. And sued by the American people in a massive class action for deceit:

While the deranged Leftoid scumbags are out on the street protesting him, for no reason at all, and protesting Alt Right folk protesting Trumpet, the papers dropped the Russian witch-hunt narrative like a hot potato after Trump obediently bombed a useless Syrian airbase, which did nothing.

Meanwhile the cold civil war rolls on:

Trump’s reward: well, he is still a “racist,” even though it was all insincere, and even Ivanka, a hyper-globalist gets booed:

She now wants the US to open its border to Syrian refugees, the people old man Trump criticised during the election: No matter how much the Crumpet crawls and licks boots, the globalists are still not pleased and never will be.

Bring on the impeachment, and let’s all get on with the endgame. Maybe Caitlyn Jenner could be America’s next transgender president:

Many speculate about the causes of the most radical turnabout in human political history. Some see it as if Trump is held a hostage, or that the bankster gangsters have called in his loans and are making him beg. Perhaps that is true, but it may not be. They do not really need to use this to control him because he was a puppet from the beginning. Just look at his background and who he associated with.

I supported Trump primarily because the prospects of a Hillary Clinton presidency were far worse than what we have now, and I even put down my beer to go and vote. Hillary … she would have made Trump look like a nationalist. It would be World War III already. But now we need to soberly evaluate Trump’s betrayal and lies. My own view is that all the evidence points to him being in the globalist camp from the start. He would never have beaten Clinton if he had come clean. It was all just a business strategy from a ruthless capitalist. If the bakers, I mean, bankers, called him to task that is all part of the game. Deception of the white American people was just part of the “art of the deal” to get elected. It is hard for those who staked their reputation on Trump to admit that they got it wrong, but we did. Let the anger flow into political action.

The lesson here is that the Deep State controls dumocracy and the dumocratic process, and will get their way, by hook or by crook, mainly crook. There cannot be a dumocratic solution now, because it is too far gone, far too decayed. Le Pen is already sold out, quitting her own party to allegedly represent all of France, including migrants who she criticised on her way up: She will prove to be another Trump, and perhaps worse as she turned on her own father:

The only way forward is to stop believing that some great saviour is going to come and save us, and to start a struggle, a revolt of the slaves, against the tyrannical forces that now rule us. Begin from the premise that it is their system, and we are the slaves. The fight is from the ground up, a war of the ant.

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