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We, The People v. Trump!
By The American Psycho

For all former Trump supporters, those who voted for him, and now like me are seething with anger and thirsting for revenge at Trump’s betrayal, here is an idea. Let’s begin getting up a fund to sue Trump in person (in personam) for his betrayal. A politician who makes absolutely clear policy statements to get elected (e.g. oppose globalism, get out of NAFTA, build the wall etc. etc.) and who deliberately does on an about face on everything, is acting in deceit and breach of an agreement: Why can’t the same torts used in business be used against him?

The plaintiffs are the American people who voted for him. But, there is no reason why we should not join with our enemies the Democrats against Trump, if they can agree on the terms of the suit, and put up the money.

The plaintiffs will seek damages of $ 20 billion or more from him in person, enough to bankrupt him. Let him sell off Trump Tower and his fancy Trump National Mar-A-Largo club:, to pay back for his betrayal. There is no money for a wall, but plenty for travel expenses to his golf club: He should not be shielded by his office from breaches of his promises to the American people. Sue the bastard! That is what made America great: Let him sleep on the street like so many Americans who wanted his help, are now doing:

Think about it. Work on this rough idea, especially anyone with legal training. And, pass it on. Contact Ann Coulter who is a lawyer and other Alt Right folk who have jumped off the Trump crumpet and let us see what they do. Shit, it will be interesting just to get reactions. And, it would be sweet irony to bring down the Crumpet in this way, and perhaps re-moralize Americans who are set to have their faces rubbed in cat poo over the next few years.

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Sam J.May 2, 2017 2:43 PM GMT+4

Great idea. You'll never collect but if you could get enough people on the lawsuit, like 50 million or so it would at least make him think.
Ruben ChandlerMay 2, 2017 1:47 PM GMT+4

I'm down