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‘A Great Deal of Mischief ’
Grace & Steel Ep. 53 w/ guest Jay Fivekiller

I am fascinated that these two men are discussing what is essentially a Robert E. Howard plot line in California, a state I know little about. I remain bothered that so many minds on the Alt Right—where there is actual discourse, are disguised. Like it or not, Jay Fivekiller and other anonymous Alt-Righters do not value their opinion as highly as whatever money they are making. This is a testament to our society, of course. I don’t want anybody losing their job and ending up living like a bum—but this question nags and will be the leverage point the Left uses to wipe out the Alt-Right in four years.

I like Kevin Michael Grace’s style of interview quite a lot and am really thrilled to learn more about the nation of California. I wholeheartedly would like to see California secede. I think it would be fascinating. What I like most about the whiteman named Jay Fivekiller is that he is proud that people in his branch of humanity can inflict "a great deal of mischief" in small numbers. This brings to mind my biggest beef with white nationalist, white supremacists, and white conservatives, their sissy belief that whites must outnumber all other types of people combined in order to direct the ship of state.

That would have come as quite a surprising notion to the 150-odd men who took down the Inca Empire, or the handful of scalp hunters and slavers that wiped out dozens of Californian Indian tribes in a single decade.

Under the God of Things

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LynnMay 3, 2017 8:59 PM UTC

Ok, now that I have listened to the CA discussion, it is tragically accurate, I am laughing and crying.
LynnMay 3, 2017 8:43 PM UTC

I lurk at MPC and it was some poster there that linked to you in the spring of 2015, so that is nice.