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John Cooper
A Black Man Born in Ireland, Who Soldiered Against the French and Then Was Sold to a Master Who Would Have Him Back Again

This man might have been black, as the term was sometimes used in this era, or he may have been of the “black Irish” a dark-haired and dark-complexioned people. In any case, his race is thought little of in this advertisement, being of less consequence than his national identity.

November 8, 1764

The Pennsylvania Gazette

A Certain John Cooper, born in the North of Ireland, by Trade a Weaver, has been in the Army to the Northward, about 5 Feet 6 or 7 Inches high, a slim, black, thin faced Man, between 30 and 40 Years of Age, much given to gaming and drinking, hired from the Subscriber, living in George Town, Kent County, Maryland,

[stole] a dark coloured Mare, 4 Years old last Spring,

between 12 and 13 Hands high, paces and trots, has a Star in her Forehead, branded on the near Buttock P M D, may not be easily seen on Account of the old Hair, ringed with 3 Rings, the upper Ring broke out of the Flesh, and hangs on one Side;

he had a Bag behind, or under him, with Apron Check, white Linen, and some Clothes, which he may offer for Sale;

he has several Changes of Clothes, one light Colour, one blue, and the other a brown, with a black jacket, red Breeches, and new Castor Hat, &c.

Whoever brings the said Cooper and Mare to the Subscriber, shall have Three Pounds Reward, or Thirty Shillings for the Mare, with reasonable Charges, by me PHILIP McDERMOTT.

N.B. An old Saddle and Bridle was hired with the above Mare; and it is supposed he is gone towards Philadelphia or New York.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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