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'Opening Day'
Uber Joe Helping Great-Great Grandma To the Game

On Opening Day I drove this ninety-eight-year-old lady down to Orioles park at Camden yards. She was with he granddaughter but is very old, not so spry any more. I wanted to get her as close to the gate as possible. She told me that she ahs never missed opening day in her life, since [the author forget how old she was, but she was young when she started going to the ball park on opening day. So many of her years of attendance would have occurred out on 33rd Street at old Memorial Stadium. This was more than a fifty-year commitment to the spring ritual] she started.

I pull up to the gate and the cops have it blocked off, say I can't let her out because of some kind of terrorists protocol, I think.

I pleaded with them and said, "Look at her, please. She's really old. I don't want her walking too far."

They told me to pull off and directed me away.

I cruised all around until I found the closest spot that a cop would let her get out of the car and it was three long blocks off,, probably a half hour walk for this lady. At least she had her granddaughter in case she fell. but we were all the way back to where they were rioting a couple years back on Howard Street. I worried for her granddaughter as much as her when it came to getting out of their after dark.

The City is getting really bad. I drive out in Harford County hen I can. But the money is in Baltimore, because everybody is afraid to take the bus. I've got my foot in the door at Jones Junction dealership, hopefully I'll be selling these things soon instead of driving into Weed Town.

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