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On the Ghost and the Darkness
Ishmael Discusses an Iconic Horror Hunt from A Rifleman's Perspective

Reviewing movie and drinking scotch, taking notes also have Patterson's book on the Lions of Tsavo, hardback, read it 30 or more years ago, will review it also, would you like to read it?

Watching, quote from movie, we have a saying in prize fighting, every one has a plan until they get hit, well, you have been hit, after his unproven rifle misfires, have you watched this movie?

The equivalent animal out here is the Grizz. Would rehearse in my mind a boar Grizzly charge, wonder if I could control my fear and shoot, accurately, before I became bear shit! Thankfully never got to test it.

Ishmael, I do want to read the book. I love African hunting books.

I have 4 books from Peter Capstick library, order through Outdoor life Magazine, in my youth, I made it as a guide in Wyoming, but turned down a chance to go pro, my family is worth more, but if I would had been single, would probably wound up like Capstick, read his bio on Wikipedia.

The rifles used in this movie are Lee speed sporter looked like 303 when he stuffed in his rounds, takes balls to shoot at lions with this rig, stay in the trees, lung shot, and send in Samuel with the shotgun, Remingtons rifle looks like a Holland and Holland double with express sights, 500 nitro, possibly, the 4 barreled pistol is a howdah black powder, you can see the percussion caps when he is holding the gun to Hajis head.

We were drunk one night in hunting camp, discussing the rifle we would use on grizz, I would shot a custom bolt action chambered in 460 weatherby mag, 20 " barrel, muzzle break to control barrel jump, and a cochlear implant after I pulled the trigger! Express sights, or Leopold Ler 2.5 Alaskan scope.


-The single shot that misfires appears to be a Farquharson, unknown caliber, falling block, similar rifles made by Browning, and Bill Ruger.

-I had to look up the single shot and howdah, my uncle hunted deer with a Lee Enfield. Holland and Holland was beyond my pay grade in life, but a man can dream!

-Watched Doc hand the rifle to Patterson, looks like a cartridge belt has .577 Martini, used in the Beors war.

-That Martini rifle was used on the Zulu too

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IshmaelMay 3, 2017 1:48 PM UTC

James, Shayne and I hunted Black Bear, I backed up his shot, the idea is to break them down, take out a front leg, break the shoulder, black bears generally run when shot at, not a grizz, in a charge, you look quickly for the best angle to maim, spine, head, eyes, go over this in your head , long before you get into this situation. Practice, I have shot the barrels out of 2 rifles, practicing, become fluid with your shooting positions. This is the same training done in any sport, learn the basics, then expand your knowledge and skills get out of your comfort zone, I would shoot with better riflemen until I could beat them, never quit learning.