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'My Guide and My White Father'
Mescaline Franklin's Video Pick: Stephan French with Danny Dyer

We have the post modern, decadent, cool-Britannia, hardman worship with a slice of anti-white sentiment, but fascinating nonetheless, Liverpool (Baltimore's historical sister-city) is a indeed a shithole, but man I want that scouse accent over the one I got.

Mescaline, I've known guys like this in Baltimore, but they were less racially mixed and more anti-white. I will be citing this in a future article. Of course, calling this Mulatto "black" shows that America got its one drop rule from Bitchtannia. The Davy guy, is a total disappointment. I suppose his mangina aura is put to good use showcasing the masculinity of the subjects. For the record, what happened to all of the Stephan French's in Baltimore, is they got shot.

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The Awakening of a Paleface Ethnocist

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Sam J.May 5, 2017 11:03 AM UTC

I wonder about ties. They look good. I'm not sure why. Is it cultural or is there some deep evolutionary idea why a tie looks good? The problem is you can be strangled by a tie quickly. It's difficult to reason why a person of power would carry his own rope around his neck to strangle himself. Could it be that doing so signals that you have no fear that anyone can strangle you even though you carry a rope around your neck??? I find wearing a tie a very odd custom.