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'So That They May Be Had Again’
The Intriguing Servant Girl, Dorothy Mickle

November 22, 1764

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the Subscriber hereof, living in Pilesgrove, Salem County, Providence of West new Jersey, two servants, about Eleven o'Clock at Night on the 13th of this instant November;

one Lad, named John Coleman, [1] about 18 Years of Age, freckled Face, has red Hair, about 5 Feet 6 Inches high;

had on a lightish coloured Coat, with large Metal Buttons to the Breast and Skirts, old Leather Breeches, a new Castor Hat, made by Joseph Shute, of Philadelphia, which he stole from his master, and good Shoes, with large Brass Buckles.

The other a Girl, born in Ireland, and came over about two Years ago, about 5 Feet 2 Inches high, about 20 Years of Age, named Dorothy Mickle, has a Scar over or under her Right eye; [2]

had on a slanting short red and white Calicoe Gown, and a striped long Cotton Gown, a Worsted Quilt, old Shoes, with large Metal Buckles in them, is very talkative, pretends to be well acquainted with the White Boys in Ireland, [3] and talks much of them, she has sundry other Clothes with her, which she stole from her Mistress.

Whoever takes up said Servants, and brings them to the Subscriber hereof, or secures them in any of His Majesty Goals, so that they may be had again, shall have Four Pounds Reward for both, or Forty Shillings for each, paid by ISRAEL LAWRENCE.

N.B. They have passed for Man and Wife; and the Girl says she has been married to him two Years. [4]


1. Since John’s origin is not discussed—if he is Irish it is an important fact, In that he might be detected by his accent—indicated that he may well be a native born servant.

2. Although it was normal for servants to be beaten regularly, very often daily, this scar does not fit any common injury patterns.

3. The White Boys were native Irish resistance activists, with some parallels to the first incarnation of the KKK in the United States.

4. It was not legal for white servants to marry and bearing children was also a crime punishable by judicial beatings and confiscation of the adulteress baby. If she is pregnant the young couple have good reason to flee.

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