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Ban Men from Cars, Now!
By William Rapier

What more does one need to say: Sweden is just a big ball of racial suicide, a country with a boundary like a limp phallus. We can’t say “prick” because that is just too masculine and not gender neutral.

Swedish journalist Eva Franchell, in an editorial in Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper, proposed an outright ban of all cars in Swedish cities to prevent terrorists using cars as weapons of mass destruction. Read here, men in cars, because that is what is lurking behind this. As well, it would be good for the environment, giving it a break from patriarchy. Trucks for delivering things that women need, should only be on the streets when people are not:;

This is a variant of the common gun and weapon-banning argument: take guns away from the people who do not use them to commit crimes and those that do, will become law abiding. Of course, the same argument cannot be used against immigrants, because they can do no wrong, and in fact are the magic givers of culture. Sweden has only come to exist because of migrants.

In this battle for civilization there will be great casualties and Sweden is one. Probably this is a good thing as natural selection works its magic.

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BobMay 10, 2017 4:08 AM UTC

Swedes are heavily conditioned by Jewish media which pushes anti-racism, feminism and anti-natalism. This, against a backdrop of life-long socialist indoctrination by the State.