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Shocking Racism!
By Professor X

We are all in shock about the stabbing to death of an aspiring White singer, and wounding of three others, at the University of Texas, by the suspect Kendrex J. White, who is not White, but Black:

We are in shock, not because of this attack but because of the much more serious crime of some foul and evil group putting out hate literature:

This is utterly disgusting and simply not justified by a stabbing rampage. It is the act of one individual alone and has nothing to do with race. But, on the other hand…

There is a need for mandatory anti-racist classes:

We all need it. Badly. Like a man dying of thirst in the desert needs cool clear water. Hallelujah:

Even bananas need it: People who do this to innocent bananas are truly sick, let alone the racist messages the acts are intended to impart.

In general, there is no greater crime than White racism, which means, just being White and not eternally apologizing. I’m sorry for just taking a breath. Sorry. Sorry. So, sorry. Please let me live oh mighty ruling Lords of Mordor. I am but a worm beneath your exquisite gold jackboots.

If you are White you should know your place in the great butcher’s shop of the USA and the West:;;;

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BobMay 10, 2017 5:03 AM UTC

White women who wander about in public, drunk, are culpable of gross negligence. I'm happy to blame Jewish programming up to a certain point, but individual responsibility can't be shirked.

Robbing is immoral, but if wander around Baltimore, solid gold Rolex on wrist, do I not deserve to be marked stupid or suicidal?
BobMay 10, 2017 4:51 AM UTC

Pamela Geller indulges in Islamophobia without fingering her own people's role in opening immigration to them in 1965 (Emanuel Celler, take a bow!) and its continuing fostering of anti-white propaganda and legislation. Said Islamophobia comes in handy every time her people wish to reshape the Middle East on the USA's dime in a way that pleases our greatest ally. Can't say bad things about them at home for fear of the ADL or MSM, but bombing them at theirs is just fine.
Sam J.May 6, 2017 4:54 PM UTC

Black guy stabs White people and kills them for no reason and press says,"...The accused knifeman is believed to be Christian...".

I wouldn't believe this if you told me. It's so ratcheted away from the truth.