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East Asian Intellectual Superiority
Professor X

Just ask Jared Taylor of American Renaissance fame, East Asian are just so much smarter than us. You know, they have a mean IQ of 105, we suckers a poor 100. Why bother saving such a dumb race of people Jared? But don’t ever look at the right hand side of the bell curve though. Creating the modern world was all just luck; the Chinese would have done it sooner or later, with better Newtons and Shakespeares.

Consider this remarkable cure for constipation: a Chinese man inserted a live eel up his anus: This is an utterly fantastic idea and I want to do it now.

“As it seems, Liu is not the only Chinese who found himself in the hospital after a wild adventure with an eel. In 2013, another Chinese guy was rushed to the hospital after he inserted an eel into himself for sexual pleasure, and a woman was reportedly hospitalized for the same reason, earlier this year, reported the South China Morning Post.”

Yep, I have to admit that Jared may be right. Just ask any dog:, or fish:

The Mind of Mescaline Franklin

The Awakening of a Paleface Ethnocist

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BobMay 10, 2017 4:27 AM GMT+4

I never was interested in AMREN; too much venting over the proximate problem of blacks and hispanics, instant banning for raising the ultimate one, jews. Respectful language won't buy you clemency, either.

Gateway to TOO, TRS, CC, or limited hangout? The jury is out, deliberating.

We all agree that North Asians indeed boast high median IQs. a metric that doesn't encompass creativity. They have selectively bred for obedience to authority and conformity.

"The nail that sticks out gets hammered", etc..

Kudos to the Chinese for firecrackers, but Beretta or Colt were the real game-changers.