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Christianity and the Cosmic Comic
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Here I continue my ideological assault upon doctrines which make, and have made, White men into mice. Today’s rant is about Christianity and alien intelligence.

According to the Drake equation:, there should be vast numbers of intelligent civilization in the galaxy, let alone the universe. The universe is vast, with the observable universe having a diameter of 93 billion light years. A light year is the distance that light travels in a year, and it’s a lot! And, according to the theory of cosmic inflation, the universe is expanding at an increasing rate, creating new “space” faster than the speed of light (as it is space which is expanding Einstein’s special theory of relativity is not violated), so that the unobservable universe, outside of all light cones is a number like 10 raised to the power of 10 raised to the power of 30: For the maths guys 10x, where x=1030.

That is just our universe, and various physics theories postulate multiple universes that may be connected. Therefore, in this infinity, there should be some intelligent fuckers, but they are not here, or have not contacted us, Fermi’s problem: Where are these cunts?

There is a vast literature of reasons given about why the aliens have not appeared. Maybe they are on their way, coming not to bring us goodies, but to wipe us out. Perhaps all civilizations ultimately destroy themselves. One I like is that humans have been observed and have been judged to be a bunch of disgusting ignorant fuckers who have been left like pigs to wallow in their own shit. The AI geeks favor the line that civilizations that do survive go the full AI and thus create AI worlds of a super-mind hive, that has no interest in carbon life forms at all:, but just engages in advanced mathematical masturbation. Again, they are not here because there is no reason to be interested in us, eternally jacking off in their own virtual reality, like most young guys today.

Whatever the answer is given to Fermi’s problem, there is a bigger problem for Christianity. Why would the god who made man in his image, go on to make such a cosmos which implies the utter cosmic insignificance of the human species? It is almost as bad as being an Australian, as our contributors Eirik and William tell us.

Would the god-machines, infinitely more intelligent than humans be presumed to be lacking in a “soul” because they are not made of fragile, ultimately rotting meat, but gleaming indestructible super hi tech materials? How could a being like a human with vast bio-engineering flaws (e.g. the prostate and male urinary tract system:, be considered in any comparison to such hypothetical alien intelligence? Talk about racial supremacism!

Sure, we do not know that any of this exists, but, given the vastness of the universe, approaching infinity, the probability is non-zero that such civilizations exist somewhere. And, if there is a multiverse, then it can be proven that such beings exist, with certainty! This is known as the “Infinite Monkey theorem,”, but considerations from quantum mechanics can also be given. Thus, from a philosophical point of view, that is all that is needed to give a balance of reasoning against the Christian cosmology, which places humans at the spiritual core of the universe.

It gets worse. While Christians like to use the argument from intelligent design (there is irreducible order in, say, the DNA code), to prove the existence of an intelligent designer:, quantum mechanics shows that the world, if created was put together by an absolute fucking madman: Basically in quantum mechanics, realist conceptions of reality and causality get thrown out of the window, things exist in suppositions of contradictory states, and everything which could happens does: No sane super-mind would make a quantum mechanics world; therefore the Christian god does not exist, as Christians say he does. Oh, the same for those other gods that we can’t speak about. You know who.

If there is a Christian god, it is only just one quantum quirk, existing with a plurality of other gods like Odin and Thor, and even Richard Dawkins’ flying spaghetti monster:, because all things are possible, and all realities realized. But, the standard monopoly story has been totally smashed by advanced physics.

Hail Odin!

Irrelevant footnote 1: “British geneticist, Professor Steve Jones of the University College London, giving The John Maddox Lecture at the 2011 Hay Festival, stated in relation to Muslim inbreeding “It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually [genetically] closer than marrying your cousin.” Carry on, lads; keep up the good work.

2. Has the Christian libertarian survivalist community become LaFondian, at last:

3. What the fuck: some stupid woman destroying Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, even if she is Hela (Hel) the goddess of death: Anyway, time for Thor to get an even better weapon, Jarnbjorn, (“Iron Bear”), the destroyer of worlds, an indestructible battle axe. Smash the green fucker Hulk in the head with that!

4. If you are decorating your man cave and want to be extra-prepared for the inevitable home invasion from wildlife, consider this: I am now making the axe table, and a US variant would be AR 15s for legs.

5. Look at what Donald Cuck is attempting to grab, and on whom:

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ShepMay 6, 2017 4:17 PM GMT+4

Once a civilization gets to a certain level of energy production, Galactus eats 'em. QED.