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Munching on Indonesian Apes
And Other World News from the Radio Free Dindustan Week in Review with Jeremy Bentham

“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.”

– Alexis De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America”, 1838


“What was astonishing was the speed with which the Americans adapted themselves to modern warfare. In this they were aided by their extraordinary sense for the practical and material and by their complete lack of regard for tradition and worthless theories. “

- Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Armmegruppe Afrika


“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

- Thomas Sowell

“Systems that lose their ability to self-correct collapse. The self-serving elites and fiefdoms that have crippled the system's feedback mechanisms to protect their power, wealth and income think they're "winning" by imposing a new neofeudal order. But all they're really doing is ensuring the demise of the entire system.”


The Elites Have Destroyed The Status Quo's Ability To Self-Correct


Civil War / Genocide of the remaining 4.8 million whites could break out at any time in the next five years in South Africa, many are predicting.


White South Africans Are Preparing For "Removal of All Whites Within Five Years"

Whatever you do don’t get bit!

“As for the ‘biters’ that haunt the days and nights of Um Omar and many other female survivors , the term refers to the ISIS women police team, which roams the markets and houses to ensure that women are dressed and behaving properly.”

“These teams are also called the women’s Hesba or Al-Khansa Brigades, but the popular name that they have come to be known is “biters”. If the brigade catches a woman who is showing some skin that should be covered , they start biting her right there until they cover themselves, or to punish her for not complying with the so-called rules of ISIS.”

“Other forms of punishment include flogging, imprisonment and financial fines.”

“These ‘biters’ have caused a growing security concern inside the camps after one of the displaced women revealed that she recognized the voice of a ‘biter’ but the latter managed to escape before being arrested. The issue of these ‘biters’ is part of a broader issue of how it is possible to distinguish between the civilian population and the ISIS elements? How can one be sure that the fighters of the organization did not sneak in with the displaced people who fled Mosul?”


Fear of ISIS female ‘biters’ haunts women during night at Iraq’s camps


We better get cracking then, eh?


However, regardless of whether or not we go into space, we are probably not going to avoid a major culling of the world’s population within the next century or two. It will be far cheaper and easier to turn all the unwanted populations into fertilizer than to shoot them into space.


Plus I don’t know why people glamorize space travel so much. Even under the best of circumstances, even if we solve the problem of faster than light speed and/or discover how to put people into suspended animation, traveling to another solar system will probably be like living on a submerged submarine for the next forty years of your life.  Furthermore, because of the need to maintain the safety of all aboard the ship and conserve vital resources so far away from any help, any infractions of the rules that would be punishable by lengthy imprisonment on earth will end up being punishable by death (getting shoved out the airlock most likely) during interstellar travel. How many people are going to sign up for that really?



Stephen Hawking: Humans have 100 years to find a new planet


Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Looks like there’s a new player in town in the heroin trade.


“The U.S. DEA(federal anti-drug agency) believes a small but very effective drug cartel known as Las Moicas is on its way to becoming a major source of heroin in the United States. DEA identified Las Moicas as a separate “cartel faction” in 2009 that was based in Michoacan state That led some investigators to conclude its personnel were once members of the now-splintered Familia Michoacana cartel. Other circumstantial evidence suggests that is highly probable. Las Moicas initially focused on California’s heroin market. It may have cooperated with a California-based gang called “the Mexican Mafia” (also known as La M). According to the DEA, at one time Familia Michoacana was known to have worked with La M. In 2015 Las Moicas began expanding its operations, but did so while maintaining a low profile. Now the DEA has concluded Las Moicas ranks with major heroin traffickers like the Jalisco New Generation and Sinaloa cartels. Apparently Las Moicas continues to work with smaller criminal gangs. Other cartels began making extensive use of this technique four to five years ago. The major cartels “outsource” (sub-contract) some operations to smaller gangs. The smaller gangs are sometimes called affiliated gangs. For example, at one time the government estimated the Gulf Cartel had twelve affiliated gangs which handled operations in specific areas or performed specialized criminal tasks. Las Moicas may have refined this technique. (Austin Bay).”


Mexico: It Is Being A Very Bad Year – Strategy Page


Germany Hit By Merkel's Imported Crime Wave


He’s probably exaggerating. Muslims aren’t that extreme. Just ask the ones at the mosque in your town.


Chechen authorities tell parents: 'Kill your gay sons or we will', survivor claims


Mixed Species Martial Arts News – Lon Lee Alle, a human Fighter from Singapore, lost early in first round of a pickup match when he ws forced to tap out to a leg bite by the eight-foot long Komodo Dragon, “Manslayer”.  Manslayer said it was his first match with homo sapiens, nevertheless he was confident hat his sharp teeth, claws and infectious bite would enable to prevail. “As long as the hairless monkey didn’t pull a knife on me, I figured I would be all right”, Manslayer said.


“A TOURIST who refused to pay for a tour guide was mauled by a fearsome Komodo dragon.  Lon Lee Alle, 50, from Singapore, ventured alone into a secluded area to watch the wild beasts gorging on goats and pigs in West Manggarai, Indonesia. He is said to have ignored warnings not to get too close to the prehistoric looking creatures and crept up on one to take pictures. But one of the Komodo dragons – believed to have been about 8ft long – clearly thought it was dinner time and pounced.  Shocked onlookers dragged him to safety yesterday at about 8am local time.”


“…Dragons can consume an astonishing 80 per cent of their body weight in a single meal. They have muscular tails, long, flat heads with a rounded snout, bowed legs and a sinister, snake like forked tongue. They possess sharp claws and shark like teeth which they use to devour their prey. They kill what they hunt using the more than 50 strains of bacteria in their saliva to poison their quarry’s blood, causing death within 24 hours.”



Tourist pictured covered in blood after KOMODO DRAGON attack leaves him with ‘severe’ injuries to his legs


“Many First World countries, in an act of folly almost without precedent, have imported Fourth Generation war by the literal shipload as they admitted millions of immigrants and refugees from other cultures. Some of those immigrants and refugees will refuse to acculturate, often on religious grounds. Others might be willing to do so, but are arriving in numbers so great they overwhelm the acculturation process. These immigrants offer a base for Fourth Generation war on the soil of any country that receives them.” - “4th Generation Warfare Handbook” by William S. Lind and Lt. Col. Gregory A. Thiele, USMC (2015)


Get ready!

“The Islamic State magazine that has published tutorials on vehicle, knife and arson attacks as a tool of lone jihad is now encouraging terrorists to acquire guns at shows and shops and take hostages not for ransom but "to create as much carnage and terror as one possibly can."

“The latest issue of Rumiyah magazine, distributed online in 10 languages including English, offers another installment of the "Just Terror Tactics" series, praising lone jihadists including U.S. terrorists who have "set heroic examples with their operations."

“The objective of taking hostages, would-be jihadists are told, is "not to hold large numbers of the kuffar hostage in order to negotiate one’s demands," but to sow terror with "the language of force, the language of killing, stabbing and slitting throats, chopping off heads, flattening them under trucks, and burning them alive, until they give the jizyah [tax] while they are in a state of humiliation."

"The scenario for such an attack is that one assaults a busy, public, and enclosed location and rounds up the kuffar [disbelievers] who are present. Having gained control over the victims, one should then proceed to slaughter as many of them as he possibly can before the initial police response, as was outstandingly demonstrated by the mujahidin who carried out the Bataclan theatre massacre during the course of the blessed Paris raid," the article instructs.

“Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen "superbly demonstrated this scenario" of taking hostages simply to delay police while killing them "when, having armed himself with an assault rifle and a handgun, he single-handedly slaughtered 49 sodomites."

Read more…


ISIS to Jihadists: Use Fake Apartment, Job, Craigslist Ads to Lure Hostage, Murder Victims


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