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Grinding Homos
And All the Unsavory News with Jeremy Bentham from the Urban Underbelly Near You, With Muderbowl Upates

Murderbowl update - The Next Leftist Cause: Murder Equality? by Steve Sailer

“It may look like murder in St. Louis correlates with where blacks live, but you’re wrong! It correlates with racial segregation. Anyway, we don’t call it “murder” anymore because “murder” is associated in the uneducated popular mind with “murderers,” which implies agency. Instead, we now call it “gun violence.” And gun violence “falls,” like the dew, if the dew mostly fell on black segregated neighborhoods.”

Steve Sailer is right. The Lefties will probably want to spread murder around the country equally. As it is some counties go an entire year without having any murders , whereas others have more than their fair share.


The Next Cause: Murder Equality?


Police in US murder capital find solace in art


Chicago police officer Antoinette Alcazar's painting "Overwhelmed" showing a woman in an upright fetal position depicts "the intensity of that emotion of being overwhelmed" (AFP Photo/Nova SAFO)

Murderbowl Update - 3 Shot Inside Back of the Yards Neighborhood Restaurant in Chicago

The intended target was a gangbanger. He was hit in the arm and the foot. The other two people shot and wounded were innocent bystanders in the restaurant. Natch.


3 shot inside Back of the Yards restaurant


Good tips.


21 Things a burglar won't tell you – Picture gallery.

#21: Remember to lock your door - If you don’t answer when I knock, I try the door. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and walk right in.

Yeah, keep number 21 in mind. Many people have become the victims of burglars or worse simply because they left their front door unlocked. Often criminals will go through neighborhoods, apartment complexes and/or hotels/motels simply checking for an unlocked door. If they don’t find one they move on, but once they do, they’re in business.


High school dindu brawl. Eight teachers were injured trying to intercede. A white female teacher went down with concussion from a blow (watch her get it in the YouTube video). Proto- BT1000s face multiple criminal charges.

Girls Arrested, Teachers Hurt In School Melee

Pennsylvania H.S. brawl was filmed by student onlookers Video of Cheltenham High School Fight


Nazi Bitch!

See the video.

Tourist beaten, sexually assaulted and robbed in vicious attack

Bitches Be Crazy Update - Three Teen Hookers Murdered Man in Mississauga Ontario say Cops 

Teen escorts murdered Mississauga man: Cops


Dindu gangsters guilty of shooting mime 59 times in ambush killing in Atlanta

They killed the wrong guy. Even the Dindus can’t tell each other apart. Is their rival gang made up of mimes?


Here’s a crime statistic the FBI ought to track: how many dindu gangbangers are doing time for killing the wrong person? It seems to happen an awful lot that dindu gangsters shoot someone by mistake either because they misidentified him as an enemy or because they missed their intended target and hit an uninvolved bystander. Of course they make up for their buffoonish incompetence with their sheer persistence and lack of inhibition.


Atlanta gangsters guilty of shooting mime 59 times in ambush killing


Dindu Gangbanger Wanted for Murder in Canada Nabbed in Dramatic Gunpoint Arrest in Aruba

A member of the Sick Thugz gang from Toronto. Wherever there are dindus you will have dindu gangbangers. Even in the Great White North.


Murder suspect nabbed in dramatic gunpoint takedown in Aruba


A salt and pepper team is using Grinder to set up homos for robbery.


Police search for robbery victims linked to dating apps



Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival


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