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A Brief Email from a Former Baltimore City Cop

Hi James,

Call me Darrin.

I like your hoodrat reportage.

I dislike your view on the police.

Your understanding of idiots is no great skill. Anybody that pays attention can figure out black America in ten minutes.

That said, I’m out, working in the private sector.

I wasn’t going under cover and getting killed for this city.

I am afraid that a lot more officers are corrupt than the recent house cleaning suggests. Everybody knew that “Joe” was skimming. He’s living in a large single home in Harford County and driving an Escalade as a Baltimore City tactical cop with an unemployed wife and three kids. Come on. The feds just scooped up the total idiots.

I’m tempted to say keep up the good work but you aren’t helping anyone, not even yourself.

I’m not concerned with your opinion of this. Had to have my say.

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MescFranklinMay 8, 2017 2:29 AM UTC

He can help you Darrin, if you would just let him. But its painful to look in the cracked mirror of this dying civilization...
LynnMay 7, 2017 5:16 PM UTC

Ouch, cognitive dissonance hurts, doesn't it?