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‘We Choose to Go’
The Mars Generation by Michael Barrett

Net Flix is center mass for politically correct documentaries. If you want to know which way the world is tilting click there for your brain washing.

This production is focused on the NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama and its Space Camp, where nerdish children play with toys, play in toys and fantasize about a multicultural Mars mission. The prospect of man’s return to space faring is couched as a totally non-physical pursuit—there will be no need for test pilot types in NASA’s future.

The contrast of the armies of white men who made the space program, shown in old news videos] and this film’s focus on multicultural inclusion and a ten-minute apology for encouraging the pursuit of technology pioneered by former Third Reich weapons maker Von Braun is jaw-dropping only in that it seems unconscious and agreed upon by all who are interviewed. White men have minimal face time in this documentary of recreating what they once did. The space program that made the moon shot is shown as clearly inked to white cops beating protesters in the streets.

The film does illustrate how politicians abandoned space exploration in favor of the space shuttle program and as Nixon put it, “putting to use” those discoveries resulting from the space program “here on earth.”

The entire thrust of the film in its attempt to re-envision the future of space exploration in liberal terms and convinced this viewer that the U.S. at least has veered sharply from the goal of settling the solar system. Comically, the lone woman in the group of space students, the lone nonwhite in the science staff, are the focus of this film, as if the filmmaker is trying to sell the idea to people of color.

Ironically the U.S. is reduced to buying seats for astronauts on Russian spacecraft. Of course, there will have to be female astronauts. But the feminized space of color that must generate earthly profits—yes, this is the only acceptable reason to escape this ape farm—this film promotes, is the sick American vision. The spectacle of an America female astronaut escorted into space by a Russian crew was telling. Humanity will be far better off with Russians on Mars.

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MescFranklinMay 8, 2017 2:37 AM GMT+4

I would prefer America to never go into space as it is constituted now. We can not unleash such evil negating forces into the universe.

In the end this Modern Murican Mars exploring nonsense is just that, a homogenous and heroic Faustian/European people are the only ones who should really colonize the solar system..the Chinese will just be rivals and in the end are too materialistic.

Alas we made more tanks and planes than the Germans..sigh...

Also we need warriors who can relate to and hold their own with the Green and Red men of Barsoom. Right now thats the Russian Federation.
PRMay 7, 2017 11:29 PM GMT+4

We got to the moon in the 1960s and can't do it 50 years later. Who are these people kidding? We're suffering a post-roman style technological collapse here. Hell, we can't even build roads anymore.