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'The Little Things'
Shep Quizzes James on Shanking Aryas

Great training videos, James. Quizzes

In "Shanking Aryas", you deployed the pocket blade, but since this is a fine-motor skill, I would appreciate seeing exactly how the knife is stowed and the finger placement and procedure for opening it quickly.

Maybe that sounds too picky, but in my experience, it's the little things like that that make or break a technique.



Shanking Aryas

The beginning of any weapon draw is fine motor.

How could I improve that, I thought?

The pocket knife draw demanded access, retrieval and deployment [opening] of the blade.

With this rig you just have to get access, then it's gross motor rom there. Once the fingers find the string you just pull forward, sliding your open hand along the string, then sheath, then grip, and squeeze. You continue on in the same direction, only squeezing and yank the knife loose.

1. Find with the fingers.

2. Slide the hand forward along the rig

3. Squeeze and yank.

The process uses increasingly less manual dexterity along the action arc, as apposed to a pocket knife draw which requires the most manual dexterity at the end of the sequence.

Basically, fine motor action and when you grasp and wrap your hand around something, so stage 2 is arguable fine motor also. I see it as a transition from fine to gross, because the fingers and thumb not work together manipulating anything but simply form a slot that travels along the rig track.

We will shoot a close-up video of the rig, even showing how it is affixed to the pants. You attach this when the pants are off. Don't worry, I'll bring a spare pair of pants—I have two pairs of pants, so I'm good.

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