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Repressed Memory [age 15]: Big Ron's Baltimore

Us young people were hanging out on the street near Keys Field. This girl, Michelle, who lived up on Moyer, I was telling her how beautiful she was, how nice her tits were and she hit me right in the eyes with the canister of mace. I never laid a hand on her. There’s too many women who want hands on them to go around touching those who don’t. I guess some feminist got in her mind and said she should be embarrassed for having nice big tits. Then, I asked from the other people standing around, for some milk to wash my eyes out with. and she took me to her house, walked me by the hand to wash my eyes out, and one thing led to another and I was fucking her. I guess she thought better of that self-hatred. My eyes were burning but I as getting to it. She gave me a lot more sex after that, a regular thing. For your young readers, they might want to know that women have motherly instincts for wounded men—use it, get them behind closed doors.

With women it’s a numbers game. Keep poking until you get some. All they can do is say no. And don’t forget the older women—they will suck your dick like they are trying to get the youth out of it. They love sex and don’t have all the hang-ups of the young ones, at least not the annoying hang-ups. These Alt-Right guys with their whining about women get to me sometime. Part of the thing with women is the thrill of the hunt.

MMA guys think nobody fought before UFC.

Young guys think there was no sex before porn. Go to the gym, the bar, do something. Get out of the house. Men have been hunting women—and catching them—since the beginning of time. It is no accident that so much of my violent experiences are tied up with women—women or work, and who gets the money you make at work, the wife, your daughter, the barmaid…

A rapidly aging young hag has sat down next to us and begun speaking, touching the author’s arm. To this the barmaid—who thanks us later for being there to keep her company—says to the hag, “Get away from these men—go on!” And so she shews the creature off into the shadows.

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