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The Holiday House
Bar Fights: Big Ron's Baltimore

Okay, this story, I don’t even know if you want it in the book—if it should even be out there. It just came to mind. It's not really a fight, but it did get physical.

[The evil author indicates that if he types it its going online and Ron says, “What the hell.”]

Chris, Guido-looking guy, slicked-back dark hair, good build always good with the chicks, never had any problem with the ladies. We were in there shooting pool with this older woman at the time and she’s fucking around with us calling us “cherry boys.”

She was well built and pretty, dirty blonde hair, early to mid-fifties. Probably twenty-thirty years before that she would have been a knockout. She’s grabbing our asses when we bend over to take a shot, buying drinks for us—we thought it was her, but it was her husband buying drinks, a guy in his sixties at the bar watching all this. She’s grabbing our dicks. We get the invite from him to come back to his place and fuck his wife. We negotiated for a case of beer and a fifth of whiskey. It’s up on Texas Avenue by Double Rock Park. So we went up there and he had a VHS camera and he’s filming. Soon we were plowing the hell out of her—a case of bud and a bottle of Jack Daniels and we were good for the long haul.

I was victimized, but I was okay with it.


You know, every so often you have to sacrifice.

She loved it. She was full of energy, I can tell you that—damn.

This was before Viagra, so maybe this was his Viagra. He was running around with his camera and everybody was happy.

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