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‘Your Ideal Slavegirl Template’
The Modern Mesolithic Goddess

I have had numerous readers of On Bitches and Your Trojan Whorse ask me what was an ideal body type for a dedicated slave girl. I have often put this aside, have tried to answer it through a movie star listing, but none of them were ideal, as it’s such a limited typology of woman that is used to appeal to emasculated drones and sissy white men.

The Bum Bum Brazil girls are ideal in their own athletic way, but I’d like them to be a little less athletic so they couldn’t get away. You know, the Khan’s food speed is not what it once was. To be reduced to hiring young negroes to run my escaped bitches down would be unseemly.

Then, just moments ago, I was texted by a longtime servitor of mine, a person who is ashamed of looking like what men once fought over and painted portraits of, and thinks I’m insane for not seeking out the thinnest, most boy-like woman I can find, sent me this text:

“Her name is Ashley Graham. She’s all you.”

So, to my age grade bulls, here is a treat, and for you Gen-X and millennial bucks, consider that throwing your bitch over your shoulder was once a weightier matter, in the Age of Heroes when you bred your slave girls rather then send them off to have their minds subverted by the dyke priestesses of your sterile death cult.

Yes, when I was young, I would have killed men to get my hands on her. Besides, in the day of high adventure, before memory foam, this was the best furniture going. For you eugenicists, if you’re going to sire a heavyweight, well, breed with a heavyweight.

And yes, if she were a pure, redheaded Aryan babe, she would be perfect. But the Khan tries to be merciful where the softer half of humanity is concerned.

Big Ron, just fast forward to 30 seconds on the first video.

For you Aryan purists, the Nordic version is included in the second video.

A Well of Heroes

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Major PainMay 9, 2017 10:31 AM UTC

Fap , Fap. Fap , Fap, Skeet!
Sam J.May 9, 2017 3:28 AM UTC

Skinny girls back in the day could never have kids without dying. A girl like that could pop them right out.
IshmaelMay 8, 2017 6:35 PM UTC

Sorry James, a bit nipplely out today Kate!