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Nathan Kloske, Gone?
The Disappearance of an Audiobook Reader

Nathan Kloske, the best audiobook reader on YouTube has been disappeared.

If anybody knows anything, please comment or email James at

There will be more of this kid of thing. Future cases and updates will appear under the Deletion Watch tag.

Nathan Kloske

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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WillMay 13, 2017 4:24 AM UTC

I was one of Nathan Kloske's subscribers and I listened to his channel at least once a day. I'm saddened by his disappearance and was especially shocked since it was done without explanation. Hopefully he'll return just as swiftly as he departed. If anyone hears anything regarding this matter, feel free to email me at
cynthiaMay 9, 2017 2:12 PM UTC

I'm one of Nathan Kloske's subscribers and noted his absence yesterday when I was looking for something to listen to.

I don't know much about searching for individuals and their accounts, but I checked the usual social media that YouTubers commonly use (Twitter, FB, etc) and...nothing. I even checked Patreon to see if he moved over there. Many YouTubers are doing this because of the ad issues on YouTube. He's not there either—at least not under that name.

I'm wondering if he got hit with copyright violations in a big way. Many, if not most, of his audiobook uploads were those of other narrators / readers. The older stories themselves are public domain, but many specific readers have copyrights on their narrations of those stories.

However, that would not explain his disappearance from other social media platforms. Of course, maybe he never had other social media accounts. He did not take story submissions from subscribers, so maybe YouTube was all he used.

Perhaps he died, and his family closed all of his accounts? Maybe he got arrested and was forced to close them all?

Is it possible that he has reopened an account under another name? I did not see evidence of that during my search.

This is very puzzling—and distressing. He was like a one-stop shop for the best narrations of older horror/fantasy/scifi stories, saving me the agony of endless sampling of really bad narrations trying to get to the good ones.

Is it known whether he had produced a final video warning of his account closure?