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'More Hate Mail Please!'
Lynn Lockhart Exposes the Subtext of a Recent Message to the Author

Below is a message from Lynn, who has created and manages the sister site at, concerning the following email I posted Darrin’ from a man who claims to be a recently resigned Baltimore City Police Officer. There has been some wondering if he was really a cop. He sent me an attachment and other information that he did not want published, to confirm in my mind that he was a former member of a tactical task force, who knew something of recent BPD corruption, which convinced him that he would end up in a "no snitching" situation among officers who were not operating legally. I'm satisfied that he was truthful. In such situations I delete the email incase my account would be hacked. Most such emails have come from military men who I have similarly acted to insure their anonymity.

So many great entries today on Big Ron.

That cop's email cracked me up. I will provide a comical retelling:

1. You are right about dindus and cops.

2. That doesn't make you smart.

3. I read your stuff even though you are a dum-dum. What does that make me?

4. You are mean to cops.

5. Baltimore cops are even more corrupt than what has been revealed.

6. Baltimore cops suck so much I had to quit being one.

7. But really, stop being so mean to cops, you are a meanie and a dum-dum.

8. I don't care what you think, that is why I read your site and write you letters.

More hate mail, please!

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.May 11, 2017 1:35 AM GMT+4

Cops have never been perfect. Of course no group is but without any standards due to affirmative action they will never get any better. They will only get worse. This would be ok if they would leave us a alone to sort out the criminals on our own. We could quickly pile up the bodies but it doesn't work that way. They want the monopoly on violence while doing nothing about the ones that cheat.
IshmaelMay 10, 2017 12:16 PM GMT+4

Most of the rural cops I had some respect for, have been replaced my young militant little pricks!