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Into the Killing Time
Murderbowl Updates from Chicago, Baltimore, and Mexico

More from Zero Hedge on the de-gentrification of Harm City in the face of the Murderbowl competition. He must read this blog, eh?

Check out the cool drone’s eye view of Harm City.

A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Baltimore Descends Into Chaos Touring Baltimore's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, As The City Descends Into Crisis

Published on May 7, 2017

Alastair Williamson tours the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore City, Maryland armed with a drone and I-phone 7. Baltimore is descending into chaos with the homicide rate surging to levels that are deemed crisis. The mayor has called upon the Federal Government for help to restore order in the city. Homicides are skyrocketing with projections more than 400 with 2017. This is a first hand view of the areas where homicides are spiraling out of control. For more Coverage visit: and

Migrant family annihilation murder-suicide in Glen Burnie, MD.

Police: Glen Burnie murder suspect's body found

Harm City Hoodrats are pulling ahead with the body count.

Four men killed in three Baltimore shootings

North Calhoun Street in west Baltimore a microcosm of city's problems

Chicago Gangs Turn To "Armor-Piercing Rifles" In Police Ambush

Armor-piercing rifles? More media hyperbole. Actually any center-fire rifle, whether a military style weapon or a ‘deer’ rifle, is powerful enough to penetrate the soft body armor, made of super tough fabric like Kevlar or Spectra, worn by police. The soft body armor will just stop the low-velocity projectiles from handguns, shotguns and submachine guns (especially NIJ level IIIA armor).

However the fact that the Chiraq bangers are using long guns more frequently is significant as it indicates more deliberation and planning in their attacks on rival gangsters. If the Chicago PD continues to encounter criminals armed with rifles, they’ll have to up arm police patrols with rifles as well. Not to mention have patrolman wear military style hard body armor.

Chicago logs its 200th homicide of the year: 'This has to stop' Chicago Shootings Info.

Chicagoans Head for the High Grass

“Did you know that the number of murders increased by almost 60 percent in the city of Chicago last year?”

Thousands Flee Chicago For Safer Areas Of The Country As America’s Third Largest City Becomes A Gang-Infested Wasteland

Mexico was second deadliest country in 2016

By Elizabeth Roberts, CNN

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Sam J.May 11, 2017 1:28 AM UTC

Bad sign they're carrying rifles. (I hate the term long guns it's stupid. Best I can tell if came from that retarded corner at Sandy Hook. I never heard the term before then). Rifles are harder to hide so that means they feel comfortable enough to carry them around. Not good.