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Honor Among Men
Deeds, Fidelity, Autonomy, Value and Property: Supplement to Masculine Axis

Yesterday, my adorable other, who possesses her gender's need to be owned, asked me, "How can you hold up Big Ron as an honorable man when he said himself that he "fucked anything that moved" while he was married?

I didn't have the time to bounce her on my knee and inform her that this is a thing beyond her ken, that honor is an entirely masculine concept and can only be applied to a woman if she decides to live as a man.

Having lain in bed with her once again baffled person, I pondered this at work as I ran into men who expressed higher levels of respect for me than on nights when I have slept alone and women who gathered about my aging carcass—four attention-seeking females, who normally express nothing more than hello—attracted to me on this night, primarily due to the submissive pheromone traces clinging to my chest hair and beard, all unwittingly assigning more honor, more deference to me based un an unconscious detection of my sexual property, who apparently has a very high chemical value quotient.

The Judeo-Christian marriage arrangement is based on livestock management and slavery, corrupted in its modern form by the acceptance of the fundamental falsehood that men and women are the same, when they are not even similar.

In short, men have hierarchal honor, the more so as they remain un-owned, and women have pecking order value, the more so according to the honor assigned their owner, whether that owner be Big Ron or Uncle Sam. A man's honor is enhanced or diminished to some extent due to his interactions with females, but is based on his interactions with men.

This supplement to Masculine Axis will include:

1. The Seven Aspects of Honor: Acquiring and Assigning Masculine Value

2. Scarecrow Warriors: Fidelity on the Familial, Tribal and Transcendent Planes

3. The Cause Uncaused: The Role of Autonomy in Masculine Society

4. The Myth of Agency: Manhood as the Last Remnant of Humanity

5. Soft Skills & Hard Men: Flirting with Nokia and the Corona Babe

6. Guerilla Patriarchy: Increasing the Value of Your Human Property

7. The Orphic Collar: Un-Domesticating & Resurrecting Your Woman

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Jeremy BenthamMay 11, 2017 1:27 PM UTC

Lou Christie - "Lightnin' Strikes" (1966)