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Do You Autograpph Books?
A Man Question from Carl

James, I have some of your books that I would like inscribed. How can we go about this?


Carl, I am flattered that you are interested in owning an example of my inability to correctly sign my own name.

How this worked with my Paladin Press books, was that a reader would send in their copy to the publisher, who would then send it to me, with a code that permitted me to take it to the post office and mail it back free of charge. This entire process cost the publisher roughly $8 for a book that they netted $4 on. It is a standard burden publishers accept as so few readers will request this and they tend to be collectors who will seek to buy all of the author's books.

However, as a low-rent writer, mailing that package back to you is going to cost the equivalent of my biweekly condom budget and, more importantly, since I have to walk the book two miles and stand in line at the post office, will cost me the time needed to write an entire chapter in a book. So, Carl, I must decline the offer, unless we meet.

What I would be willing to do, if you mail me a bookmark in a self-addressed, stamped, return envelope, is to sign and comment on the space designated in ink.

I appreciate your support, Carl.

Thank you for the interest, also. It keeps me going.

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