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Around the Mad World: 5/11/17
Jeremy Bentham at the Radio Free Dindustan News Desk

Koreans, Grizzlies, Roos and Alligators all agree that white people are out of control.

Don't Tread on Us! Snakebites increase 40 percent in Georgia in 2017

Mixed Species Martial Arts News.

“Officials at the Georgia Poison Control Center in Atlanta told Channel 2 they have gotten about 40 percent more snakebite calls this year than in 2016. A mild and short winter is blamed.”

Snakebites on increase in Georgia in 2017

The North Korean View

Yes, the big-nosed Americans are plotting to invade North Korea…so they can loot the country of its riches and have their way with its people. Cruel and rapacious capitalist imperialists that they are, of course.

You know I feel cheated. In all the time I spent in the U.S. Army, I never once got to pound a nail into somebody’s head.

What North Koreans Think Of America (Part 1) | ASIAN BOSS

What North Koreans Think of America (Part 2) | ASIAN BOSS

In this third installment of the "What Asians think of America" series, we asked North Koreans to share their honest thoughts about America and Americans.

“Only developed countries take environmental issues seriously. Poor countries couldn’t care less about the environment.”

"Call me a Hopper? Mate, I'm About To Kill this Bitch."

As you can see, Jeremy, that's a Dindu Roo!

Mixed Species Martial Arts News. Pewee league.

Mom watches in horror as daughter mauled by kangaroo

Kangaroo attacks girl, mom captures moment on camera

Where’s Greg Tonkins when you need him?

Old Al takes one for the Animal Team

Jeremy, this is humiliating. As an animal, I feel it my duty to request you email Al's coach and tell him to go into the death roll right on the bank, as soon as he snags another one of these little monsters. It must not be any fun being the Bobby Riggs of the MSMMA world, so extend my condolences as well.

Mixed Species Martial Arts News.

Once again the finger strike tips the balance.

Ten-Year-Old Girl Survives Alligator Attack by Punching It, Shoving Fingers into Its Nostrils

Animals Want a Trump Wall for their Living Space

Mixed Species Martial Arts News. There’s a new event in endurance competition: the Grizzly Bear Chase. Regardless of whether you win, place or show, you DO want to avoid being the slowest competitor in the heat.

Grizzly bear chases three hikers for 20 minutes

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Sam J.May 12, 2017 4:39 AM GMT+4

That Roo getting whacked by that guy always cracks me up. Look at the face on the Roo after he whacks him. It's a "heh wait a minute" look. Makes me laugh every time.

Look at the claws on these things. I saw this vid linked to the previous. I had no idea they had such big sharp claws. One of these things could gut you easy.