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An Irish Slave Girl
Anne Mackey is Worth Four Dollars

Speaking predominantly in her native tongue, the reader may reasonable deduce that Anne was sold at the peak of freshness for Irish slave girl imports, age 16. Women were considered ripe at 16, and at that age were often sold by their parents.

May 3, 1770

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away, the 24th of April last, from the subscriber, living in Salisbury township, Lancaster county, a servant girl, named Anne Mackey, about 18 or 19 years of age, born in Ireland, speaks much on that country dialect, a stout chunky girl, dark brown hair, a coarse homespun shift, an old black and white striped linsey short gown, two linsey petticoats, one striped, the other a walnut colour, old leather heeled shoes.

Whoever secures said servant, so as her master may have her again, shall have the above reward of Four Dollars, [1] and reasonable charges, paid by JARRED GRAHAM.


These are Spanish dabloons, most probably minted 100-200 years earlier in the economic disaster that was the flooding of the European economy with Mexican and Peruvian gold, culminating in their use to pay for the Spanish king’s wars of religion from 1618-48.

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