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A Man called 'The Devil'
Stories and Musings from Mirror Lake

I write this to tell my story of rural upbringing, this should give you a smile. We had a few boys in this valley I still live in, that were as wild as any Ute or Shoshone brave. We called one fellow in my extended family the Devil, you laugh, but you never looked into his eyes!

He was drafted about the time that Fred Reed was, he spent his two years of service in Leavenworth, why you ask, because he beat the shit out of the drill Sgt, right in front of the assembled plebs. He had been drafted and repeatedly ask to be excused. I think his words were and I quote, "Fuck Vietnam. Fuck Uncle Sam. Nobody is forcing me to that stinking jungle."

I suppose Sgt Carter had a different idea.

The Devil was a biker, he was found about 10 years ago, hanging from a tree, with both hands tied behind his back, they called it a suicide.

The citys were worse, have to take a back seat to all toughs urban or rural, but the boys from suburbia, are the biggest manginas of our  generation!

Statue of Dissidents

Jackson crossed the river into, the shade of the trees.

My family from Appalachia hated centralized government, tyrants, all the trimmings of, as my grandfather called it unrighteous dominion. Makes one wonder why compensated emancipation, was not adopted as in Brazil. Give them hell Stoney.

I did ask my father about fire arms in fights.

He said, "Stay the hell away from this environment, and if you think that your life is at risk, and you have a chance, kill the man."

Things have sure changed.

He said, "You will never, never pull a firearm on a man, unless you are willing, deliberate."

What will they turn too when they run out of monkeys?

I agree with Vargs comments on baby boomers on up

We have failed as rational apes, to realize that we have consumed finite resources that take time to replenish, and God said to Adam and Eve, multiply and replenish the earth, makes me wonder how long this cycle has repeated?

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