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Shootout at the Hoodrat Corral
Jeremy Bentham on Recent Urban Shooting News

Man fatally shot in Carney

Debate on National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Expected to Heat Up on Capitol Hill


“A bill introduced in Washington, D.C. would require states to recognize concealed carry permits issued in other states, which would expand where gun owners can take their weapons. Retired Baltimore County police Chief Jim Johnson said the law would be dangerous for Maryland. “This particular law would make it even more difficult for public safety to make sure people aren't carrying guns unlawfully,” Johnson said. Since retiring, Johnson is diving head on into the debate as part of his work as chairman of the National Law Enforcement Partnership to End Gun Violence. Maryland has some of the most restrictive concealed carry laws in the country.”

“According to the NRA, 15 million Americans have a concealed carry permit, but only 15,000 have them in Maryland. Many more permits are issued in neighboring states like Virginia and Pennsylvania.”

Concealed carry debate expected to heat up on Capitol Hill

 Thank goodness their gun nut uncle lived next door.


Monitoring people's right to effective self-defence..

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

HOW ODD THAT MASSACRES MOSTLY HAPPEN IN "GUN-FREE ZONES"! When will the brain-dead Left wake up and draw the obvious conclusion? Gun bans kill kids

Friday, May 12, 2017

223 Used to Rescue Relatives Next Door, two Invaders Shot, 1 Killed


Vehicle flips after shooting in Toronto: Cops


Murderbowl Update. The Chiraq bangers are stepping up the gun store burglaries to supply their troops with guns for the never-ending gang wars. Naturally the Democrat legislators’ reflexive response to this is to punish the victims by proposing mandatory laws requiring every mom and pop gun store in out-state Illinois to spend on lot of money on security and surveillance systems. At the same time you can’t punish the oppressed youth though for giving in to temptation. Whenever the oppressed youth come before the bench for a litany of offense the gun charges are usually the first ones dropped in the plea bargain process. So the are soon back out on the street to commit more crimes and the Anarcho-Tyranny continues apace.


“Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, says gun stores across Illinois already are beefing up security in response to the rise in burglaries. “The gangs are becoming bolder because not much happens to them,” Pearson says. “I think everyone is upgrading their security.” But he says subjecting gun stores to state requirements for security is a bad idea: “Whenever you get the state involved, you add costs for everyone, with no results.”



THE WATCHDOGS: Gun-shop burglaries helping fuel Chicago violence

WATCH: Deadly Elmwood Park, Illinois, Gas Station Shootout Caught on Video

Shootout Shootout at Chicago gas station

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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