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Jack Donovan's Latest

"This afternoon, I completed the purchase of several acres of land. The land will be known as Waldgang, after Ernst Jünger’s book Der Waldgang, which has been translated as “The Forest Passage.” This land will serve as the spiritual and cultural home in the Cascadia bioregion for the tribe I belong to, the Wolves of Vinland.

"I’m feeling lucky and thankful to everyone who has supported my work. I was able to pay with this land with proceeds from my writing and my “self-sponsoring” apparel business, Brutal Company. I’ve been more successful than I ever expected to be over the past couple of years, and I could have put the money down on a respectable house for myself or some kind of flashy ride, but that’s not what I care about most. I’m alive in the world and I want to live and take and consume like every other living thing — without apology — but more than that, I want to create something “real” worth remembering."

Read more about Jack's journey back into tribal time at the link below:

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