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As Night Comes Down 
Jeremy and James Discuss: The Fall of Brick and Mortar Retailers and the Aftermath

As the globalistic economy continues to punish the people of the nation which supplies the global police force and local American police increasingly come under fire from above and below, with the retailers that these police have traditionally protected now laying prostrate before the postmodern mob, what might the next trend in BLM mayhem be, once retail has been driven into elite enclaves and isolated byways?


Jeremy: Last Call for the Mall?

  No secret that America is experiencing a retail collapse. The American people are broke. They just don’t have the disposable income they had prior to the crash of ’08. A lot of folks lost jobs in the resulting recession, and/or the not-recovery-recovery, and the jobs they transitioned to don’t pay as well as they jobs they lost. Also wage growth has been stagnant for the past 20 years, but prices keep going up. Add to this the increased threat of black mob violence and the rise of Internet shopping outlets and there is much less incentive to go out shopping in the brick and mortar retail establishments.


For the purposes of this blog, the question that arises is if the great watering hole of the local shopping mall dries up, where will the dindu flash mobs, shoplifters and restitution recovery agents shift their activities?

The Fall of Retailers Means Doomsday for Malls


Currently, In Baltimore, Maryland there are five trends that stem directly from black mob violence, which is a state-sanctioned activity sponsored by:

-Black Lives Matter or BLM

-The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP

-The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU

These organizations are actively litigating against and terrorizing shopping malls, which are already struggling in the face of suburban superstores.

The five trends are:

1. Staff reductions due to employee transportation costs increasing ten-fold over mass transit, as minimum wage employees are forced to hire sedans and cabs to and from work due to sidewalk predation.

2. An over 50% reduction of pedestrian and mass transit-borne customers due to sidewalk predation.

3. A lesser reduction in motorist customers due to carjacking and panhandling.

4. Vacancies, stemming from the above and also from armed robberies and looting-intensity shoplifting.

5. Hour reductions of profitable enterprises such as the two examples below.

The Golden Ring Walmart in the Rosedale community of Baltimore County, which in 2015 was the most theft-reduced outlet of Walmarts worldwide and which lost tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise from its firearms department, has since turned away an estimated five million dollars of sales per year by not remaining open 24 hours. The business has fled to smaller operations deeper in the countryside, which are not yet swamped by the urban predators fanning out from the city. Such displacement has helped smaller retailers hang on, but is indicative of the fact that smaller retailers may no longer sustain themselves in prime locations, as security concerns continue to necessitate sales-reducing protocols, such as limiting hours and eliminating lucrative categories like medicinal merchandise.

The Walgreens Pharmacy, a half-mile from the Golden Ring Walmart, on Golden Ring Road, has reduced its hours and has even contracted out its afterhours business with the privately-owned, Baltimore City Northern Pharmacy at the other end of the same #55 bus line at Harford Road and Northern Parkway. When night comes down over Baltimore, the sign at the Walgreens flashes directions to its afterhours partner in the city, directing business to its competitor, rather than risk staying open after police coverage falls off after dark.

As to Jeremy’s question concerning where the Reparations Recover Agents will strike next, I look to alterations in the construction of nearby residents and the increasing reluctance to categorize the crime most feared by those who live in a full-blown anarcho-tyranny zone. Across Baltimore City and now eight miles deep into Baltimore County, bars are appearing on front doors and windows, with doors being 20 times more likely to be barred, meaning that these home owners most fear the prospect of a home invasion. In the meantime, the crime of home invasion, unless it involves a criminal-on-criminal “stash house hit” in the drug war, are most often categorized by police and reported by the media as destruction of property, burglary, robbery or assault, not as a home invasion. The media are ahead of the game, semantically declassifying the very crime that most fear above others, while at the same time excusing and misreporting mob attacks on the street as “unrest” and “fights” and such.

This past Friday night, as I took the bus to my drop-off point, I noted that I was nearly alone on the bus and that the streets were eerily empty, with almost the entire prey population huddled within their homes. Those homes closest to retail centers are barred first, with barred dwellings fanning out from these centers of crime and savagery. The answer concerning the future I understood to be there, present in the perceptions that fueled the myriad decisions to close outlets, limit the hours of lucrative outlets, and for the customers of these outlets to fortify their nearby dwellings and increasingly decline to travel. It is my opinion, that the future of mob violence is home invasion, with carjacking and comprehensive car stripping second. As to this last suggestion, recall that law enforcement has done much to punish motorists who are stopped, threatened and attacked by mobs and then resort to using the vehicle as a weapon of defense, to the extent that it is now a common axiom among BLM foot soldiers that motorists have no right to use their vehicle as a defensive weapon.

In the future black mob violence will target:

1. Motorists for, robbery, beating, rape and murder

2. Home owners and renters for robbery, beating, rape, torture and murder

3. Delivery drivers serving besieged residents in the coming retail deserts for robbery, rape and murder

Understand that police interference on behalf of residents will be punished by the state and that any effort by residents to form civil defense groups will bring hostile litigation from Anarcho-Tyranny support organizations such as the:




-Southern Poverty Law Center

-United States Justice Department

-Street Gangs, that will increasingly be converted as paramilitary units of state oppression

Objectively, the great unpillaged criminal resource in urban, suburban and rural America remains constant, the life's wealth and persons of every home, with the average American household each housing more valuable material than the ancient halls of Priam or Agamemnon, foremost among these being firearms and electronics and more soft flesh than the armies of the ancient regimes managed to ravish in their mad march toward modernity.

The future looms as a fairytale of apocalyptic proportions, as night comes down.

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Sam J.May 17, 2017 12:25 AM UTC

"...Regardless of the putative root cause, I do believe that James’s predications on the future trends in dindu predation patterns as a consequence of the imminent shuttering of shopping malls and big-box stores will be proven to be largely correct..."

No doubt you and James are both correct. I know Amazon has got to be killing the retailers. Book stores are being killed. Before the internet I used to buy a ton magazines and books. I haven't bought a magazine or a book from a bookstore in years. As for the mall I refuse to hang out where Dindus do. If I could do so I would cut off all interaction with them completely.

We should move every single Dindus, rapugees and other welfare immigrants into areas that voted for "diversity". All of them. The people who keep telling us we need diversity should get all they want.
Jeremy BenthamMay 15, 2017 7:09 PM UTC

“Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like.” - Will Rogers, American Humorist, 1879 - 1935

Ok, if Americans are not broke and I am incorrect in the assessment that many more of them in the working and middle classes now lack the disposable income to keep buying stuff, then it DOES beg the question of why so many long-established, big-box retail store chains are suddenly going belly-up like gold fish in a dirty aquarium? Is it because the market is saturated with too many such stores and thus the ones that are going out of business are merely the weaklings, the inefficient victims of the fierce competition for the consumer dollar? Are online sales contributing to this tight competition? Is it because these businesses have been grossly mismanaged? Is any of this mismanagement being done purposely so as to use the bankruptcy process as cover for a mafia style embezzlement scam? Could it merely be that the public’s tastes have changed so drastically and so suddenly that the majority of consumers no longer want what these businesses are selling and/or the way they are selling it? Is rising crime, over-taxation and over-regulation inflicting so many opportunity costs on these businesses that they can no longer cover their operating expenses, much less turn a profit? Finally, could even part of the reason for this mass of retail bankruptcies be that many of the customers who used to shop at these stores just don’t have the money to do so anymore? Could it be all of the above?

Now the Gander Mountain outdoor store chain has recently and quite suddenly joined the ranks of the doomed: Keep in mind that has yet to show a profit from its operations even though it threatens to destroy the traditional retail store operation, whether local mom and pop shop or big-box chain store. How long can that bubble last? I would be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on what is behind this retail apocalypse.

Regardless of the putative root cause, I do believe that James’s predications on the future trends in dindu predation patterns as a consequence of the imminent shuttering of shopping malls and big-box stores will be proven to be largely correct.
Sam J.May 14, 2017 10:18 PM UTC

Watch this. This is a documentary about South Africa. This is the future of anyone White that lives in a Black controlled area.

"...These people are cruel...They feel fuck all, even to kill somebody..."

The only thing to do is to arrest them and put them in the Great Western Permaculture Project (gulag). I don't necessarily care about the drugs, not good but people do ask for them. The primary problem is stealing and violence. Attacks upon people who are not asking for it. They should be put in jail for extremely long sentences.

In New York they used to have a law that if you committed any crime with a gun you got the death penalty...immediately. No waiting around. They didn't have much crime at all.
La ManoMay 14, 2017 6:03 PM UTC

All pretty good stuff, except that you can look around a bit and see for yourself that the American people are NOT broke.

They've got more money than they've ever had, more money that any people in the world or the history of the world.

The approach to every city or town with more than 2500 people is LINED with Appleby's, Lowe's, Home Depot, jet-ski dealers, car dealers, electronic shops, WalMarts, Targets, EVERY kind of fast food joint, Chili's .... everyone has a device costing them $250 a month in their hand, a GPS in their car and pocket, dishwashers, microwaves, multiple huge TV sets ... Mom has a $35,000 SUV, Dad has a $60,000 pickup truck and a boat, and each kid gets a car when they turn 16.

The middle class people, the construction workers and schoolteachers and DOT employees and truck drivers, have a mountain of shit at home that the doctors and lawyers and Old Money couldn't afford when I were a lad. We used to eat out ONCE A MONTH at a cheap restaurant - the average young family here, in this little "poor" rural county I live in, eats out 4 times a WEEK.

It's unbelievable to me how much money people have to spend, even compared to what I can safely spend. And it's not just credit - they've been doing it for YEARS ....

So I'll go along with everything except the "no money" part ....
Jeremy BenthamMay 14, 2017 5:51 PM UTC

James! Once more you are on the cutting edge of societal devolution. Aggressive car stripping is already happening apace here in the Midwest. See the video. "He moved to Milwaukee, just days ago, and already he's become the victim of crime. All four wheels were stolen off his brand new vehicle, and police say this is a growing problem." See the video. The Riverwest neighborhood (just west of the Milwaukee River) where this happened is a SWPL hipster neighborhood. Definitely not ghetto. Milwaukee PD reports that these wheel thefts have been occurring all over town this year. Time to invest in locking lug nuts, eh? Not to mention a reinforced garage.