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Drag Queen Cops?
Jeremy Bentham, Counting One More Brick Removed from the Civilized Wall

Transgender madness in the UK. More Dickless Tracy’s on the police force?


If the police in the UK want to attract more transgender people to the job, it begs the question of how many and what kind? What will be the quotas for male to female and female to male transgenders? According to available statistics male to female transgenders are three times more prevalent than female to male transgenders (1 in 30,000 as opposed to 1 in 100,000, per the DSM-IV [1994]). Given that, does there need to be affirmative action hiring quotas in the police for female to male transgenders?


FYI: PCSO in England stands for “police community support officer”.

A PCSO seems to be sort of cross between an auxiliary police and support personnel. One wonders what the point of it is other than an attempt to expand the number of bodies in a police force by hiring less qualified (“non-warranted”) personnel that you don’t have to pay as much.


In the USA law enforcement agencies generally make the distinction between “sworn” personnel (officers who take the oath to uphold the law) and support personnel. The sworn personnel have full arrest powers and are required to go armed.


Police force ditches traditional bobbies' helmets for US-style baseball caps to encourage the 'non-binary transgender community' to join up

·  Northamptonshire police is handing out black baseball caps to its officers

·  They say the new headgear is more comfortable and more practical for police

·  The move is also designed to get rid of 'gender-based' headgear currently used 

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