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The Dindustan Report: 5/15/17
Coligny Burns: With Jeremy Bentham

South Africa’s version of Trayvon Martin, Freddy Gray, et al.


Coligny Goes Up in Flames

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, May 11, 2017

Another battle in South Africa’s low-intensity race war.

Race riots have broken out in the small town of Coligny, suggesting that the dire predictions of the old apartheid theorists are coming true. In the 1980s, a stable and segregated South Africa had to be shaken from the outside by major powers, which applied economic sanctions and supported terrorism. The current “integrated and democratic” state is destroying itself.

The initial spark triggering the racial polarization in Coligny—a small corn-producing town 200 kilometers west of Johannesburg—was the death of a black youth, Matlhamola Jonas Mosweu. He died on April 20 from a broken neck. Depending on whom you believe, he was the victim either of vicious whites or of his own foolishness. You could call him South Africa’s Trayvon Martin.

Initial media reports of a “black boy killed by white farmers” put his age at 12. For a whole week no one knew his name, since his parents had not noticed his disappearance. Then his age rose to 16, with some reports claiming he was 17.

Blacks in Coligny started rioting on April 25, before Mosweu’s name was known or the circumstances of his death established. Blacks looted and burned the liquor store, a hotel, and several white homes. A 45-year-old Coligny resident, Diana Swart, recounted on video how a group of 200 knife-wielding blacks demanded gasoline from her, which they used to burn down her house with her dogs inside. She had been involved in local projects to help black children and had made clothes for them.

Several days later, the South African Police Service tried to calm blacks by announcing the arrest of two white farm employees, Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte. The liberal media in Johannesburg, the country’s commercial capital, trumpeted “white racism” as the cause of Mosweu’s death.

The two bearded Afrikaner men say they caught Mosweu and another young black stealing sunflowers from the field of their employer. They say they were taking him to the police station when Mosweu jumped off their moving bakkie (the South African term for a pick-up truck) and broke his neck. Thefts of both produce and livestock from farms by blacks are rampant in South Africa, and have driven white farmers into bankruptcy.

Tensions rose further on May 7 at Mosweu’s funeral, which, because of its racial overtones, attracted high-profile speakers. Supra Mahumapelo, the premier of North West Province in which Coligny is located, said:

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