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Whites as an Earthly Cancer
Anyone for White Genocide? One Lump or Two?: By Professor X

Across the West, “professors” in usually tax payer funded universities proclaim all matter on anti-white propaganda. This is paraded as “beyond truth,” unquestionable for students. My daughter is fed this every day, and she is just a medical student! The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are open warfare on whitey:, just in case you would like to know where some of your taxes go.

Example: a black professor says that to achieve their ideals (we read: New World Order values), some whites will just have to die: That is mighty generous of him, since most of his ideological colleagues proclaim complete genocide, as whites are a “cancer” on the planet:;

Yes, that includes all of the medicine and technology that have allowed the Third World populations to expand at previously impossible rates. However, we won’t see their populations’ demographically crash when we are in history’s grave. But, all of that will only be after all of this:;, and this:;

Apart from a strong drink, we need some sort of artistic representation. Living in a university concentration camp in New York, I don’t know much about art, but I recently stumbled upon the work of Cleon Peterson: I do not know what his political philosophy is, but his artwork primarily depicts whites being raped (, tortured and dismembered by blacks and other races: just follow Google images and make up your own mind:

Just imagine if he had depicted white horror figures killing blacks, why, the protests, the threats…

This artist’s art is even on the sail of a de Rothschild boat:

“It is the American artist Cleon Peterson who has been selected. For this latest remit, he has specially designed an original work that Jean-Baptiste Epron, Gitana Team’s loyal designer, has adapted to the silhouette of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild. It is a committed creation, which is perfectly in harmony with the character and sleek lines of this new generation ‘giant’. Through this invitation, the painting by Cleon Peterson is taking to the open water where it will confront the ‘other-urban’ territory that is the sea. The American artist brings his painting to life through the stormy nature of the ocean, reminding us that art and sailing pursue the same mirage: the crossing of fringes like horizons.” Hey Sam, what do you make of that?


If any intelligent life ever come to earth and sift through the ruins of what humanity left with their tentacles, I wonder what they would think of all of this?

Footnote 1. Migrants are already being sold in slave markets in Libya, and just around the corner, the USA: White guilt that!

Footnote 2. A no-prize for anyone who can explain this: “This is a heterodidactic neuroscience, not materiality of language discussion. It is an article on intra-observation as research methodology, thus auditory, visual, cultural, syntactic, and paratactical body/mind/brain possibilities of words—Thinking ontology for post-qualitative methodology. Indirectly, it is about linguistic accountability of the event of/in education; the event of/in research—Thought in the act and/or bodily awareness in the moment: Nodal point waiting pentimento performances . . . and Jasmine. It might therefore be about a whole new transdisciplinary and humble body/mind/brain, education and research field all together, or about being a bit wild in the brain, and/to transfer something across areas and learning. It is a schizoanalysis crafting of knowledge attempt becoming data wise in action. My goal and hope are to foster self-reflexive think-languages and practices in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Institutions and schools. It is a professionalizing method.” From: It is a typical Arts/Humanities/social Sciences paper:, but it has got this citation at this most noble of sites!

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BobMay 16, 2017 1:34 AM UTC

Blacks can only be seen as proxy warriors against whites. Useful to perpetuate the white-guilt narrative as well as justify anti-discrimination (AA the most egregious) laws.