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‘This Boy, Roger’
The Cop Bar: 1: Big Ron's Baltimore

The Cop Bar is a Baltimore County roadhouse bar for whom Ron has provided eye witness accounts of recent mayhem, largely as an illustration of self-policing at such an establishment. The patros are mostly none-law enforcement types. However, enough cops use the bar after work that it is known as a decent place to drink and the patrons do their best to police themselves.

December, 2016 Night

This Boy, Roger, a young back fella, was off work, drinking in the bar. He normally bar-backed and worked in the kitchen. A white guy—it is overwhelmingly a white bar—called him a nigger. Roger thought it was another guy and told him not to call him that. They got into an argument. He punched Roger, and Roger did seem ready to fight back, so the people that worked there broke it up and took him home.

After that, these two—the guy that called Roger a nigger and the guy who hit him—get into an argument. Te guy that hit Roger is mad about hitting Roger over what the other guys said and tells him, “It was your fuckin’ fault I got into that argument and punched him.” Meanwhile, his friend sucker punches the guy that had originally called Roger a nigger, lays him out and breaks the other guy’s jaw.

With that situation, you’ve got to look out for the lone black guy that’s working for you or is welcome in your place—I mean, he came there to sit with you. You also don’t want some interracial fight that will make this spot the target of some racial payback. You take care of your own and Roger was a good boy who worked there, so you don’t want him beat-up or locked up.

-Big Ron

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