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Colony of the Damned
Video Sources for White Slavery in Plantation America and Penal Australia

Devils Island and the Jesuit Role in Canada reflect two drastically differently colonial roles played by the French government over the centuries, which are important to understand to place the English American plantation experience in context, as English America was at first bordered to south and north by French colonies, and no fewer then five frontier wars were fought between French and English frontiersmen.

The two videos on Australia—one rosy-hued and deluded from the modern liberal perspective and one more on the mark—may give the reader a better idea of what early American settlements were like, as Australia was largely settled with convict labor because the United States refused to accept any more white servants from England beginning in 1804, a deadline that was set in 1887.

Black Robe

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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