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‘The Bar Patron Police’
The Cop Bar: 2

January, 2017, Night

There was a heated argument between these two guys. One guy breaks it off, gets up and goes to the men’s room. The other guy follows him, sneaks him while he’s standing at the urinal, beats the hell out of him, leaves him lay and comes back out to the bar and starts drinking again.

The other guy soon comes to, gets his knife, bursts out of the bathroom and tries to stab the guy who snuck him. The guy at the bar runs and the bare patrons converge on this man with the knife, wrestle him to the ground, take the knife away, and then hold him until he cools off. Then they put him out instead of calling the cops.

It’s a way of keeping the cops from getting involved unless they are on the scene and of duty or if it’s really serious. It’s old bar etiquette in Baltimore. If someone gets stupid but you can calm them down—which is all the cops are going to do, unless they arrest him—then you can spare the police the trouble and also spare one of your own from going to jail, maybe messing up a work opportunity or what have you.

-Big Ron

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