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‘Off Duty Cop’
The Cop Bar: 3

Autumn, 2016, a weekend night

Two white guys went in bathroom into the stall and shooting heroin. One of the people goes in there to use the urinal and can tell what is going on from the sounds these two are making in the stall. [Junkies also routinely use grocery store bathroom stalls to shot up in.] He comes back out and tells the off duty cop at the bar what is happening.

The cop kicked the door open and restrained them and had the bartender call the cops, who came and arrested them. No decent working man wants junkies firing dope in the bar where he drinks. Eventually you’ll have dindus there selling the shit, stickup boys robbing the drug dealers, people getting shot in the head in the parking lot. The patrons will work with the cops—in a decent bar—to nip that shit in the bud.

Here is one example of how keeping a bar decent enough that cops will want to drink there can be a good thing.

-Big Ron

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