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The Coke-Whore
The Cop Bar: 4

Summer, 2016, A busy Saturday night

This junkie, coke-whore chick, who grew up with the barmaid was in there drinking with her own brother.

The brother decided to snort some coke with his sister—and how this makes any sense I don’t know. He calls up this black guy, who is his supplier. Now the coke is not going to be dealt in this bar—that is off limits. So, when the guy pulls up outside, he texts and the brother gives his sister a hundred dollars for the coke and she heads out onto the parking lot with the money. What could go wrong? It’s only a coke-whore with a hundred dollar bill on the parking lot with some dindu.

Of course, you already know how this is going to go.

She comes back inside and gives her brother the coke and he looks at it and says, “I gave you a hundred dollars and this is all you brought back?!”

They precede to argue, the brother holding the coke out in plain view as if they’re arguing about a handful of candy and as this is going on, the black guy comes in to have a beer. Again, this is another example of how drugs bring dindu trouble into your neighborhood.

Like on cue the black guys walks in, right in the middle of this.

The white guy walks over and begins pushing him and showing him the dope and saying, “I paid a hundred for this?!”

The black guy was like, “I don’t know what she did with the rest, but that’s not what I gave her.”

They start throwing hands right there by the bar. The patrons break them up and throw them out and they’re still fighting on the parking lot, throwing hands in the headlights by the side of the road. Eventually the cops come and arrest them both.

There you go, another example of drugs bringing the bad element into your neighborhood, starting with the bar, which can be like the beachhead into the area.

-Big Ron

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Nero The PictMay 16, 2017 2:45 PM GMT+4

Bars in Baltimore (hell, bars everywhere) rely on coke dealers to stay in business. There are very few places including (and especially including) higher end spots that do not have an in house dealer. It is just a part of the business. From a physiological and psychological standpoint stimulants such as coke are the fuel for heavy drinkers especially those that want to keep the party going. Same goes for smoking...There was a vast drop off in alcohol sales when the MD smoking ban went into effect. Nicotine gives people that little boost they need to make the train of questionable decisions chugging along.

From the standpoint of the house...what you want from your neighborhood bar coke dealer is discretion. You want a guy that can blend in. Barring that you want a guy who isn't a knucklehead and who doesn't sell to trash (I realize this is an oxymoron). A successful bar I once toiled in barred the friendly neighborhood pusher man. We quickly lost 20 to 25% of sales after 11pm over the course of the month. Guess who was quickly allowed back in and made to feel welcome???

If I were the owner of that bar I would shit can the brother sister duo. Probably only do the same with the dealer if he kept selling to people that make scenes such as that (or if I caught him dealing to employees).

Pragmatically, just as drugs can't be kept out of prisons they surely cannot be kept out of bars. Too much symbiosis. Opioids are another matter entirely....Pill heads and restaurant staffing seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly (and have for at least the last decade)