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On Eve of Baltimore's Annual Event Death Stalks
Jeremy Bentham and James on Surviving the Preakness

Man killed in Baltimore near Pimlico just days before Preakness

Will the threat of black mob violence force the Preakness to move out of Baltimore?


James, what’s the best way to stay safe if you plan on attending the second jewel in American horse racing’s triple crown?

Jeremy, ominously enough a white woman of 35 was shot to death in this area in January, while she was in her car. This has been kept hushed all along. Traditionally this is one of the most deadly places to live if you are a working black man. Both Oliver and Erique, two of my fighters, have left this area for good.  

I presume Boomy’s injunction to not leave your hotel at night is a good start, eh?

“The 26-year-old Northwest Baltimore victim was shot about 10:42 p.m. in the 3000 block of Spaulding Avenue in Central Park Heights, three blocks from the race course where 130,000 people will converge Saturday for the middle jewel of horse racing's Triple Crown. The man was not identified, and no further details were released. The Stronach Group, the Aurora, Ontario-based company that owns Pimlico, has cited crime in the blighted neighborhood and $300 million to $500 million in needed improvements to the 147-year-old race course in its desire to move the race from the city to a track in Laurel.”

FYI. One of the scions of the Stronach family, Belinda Caroline Stronach, 51, is a big Leftie Canadian politician.

Man killed in Baltimore near Pimlico just days before Preakness

In Park Heights, a struggle to save a neighborhood — and a horse race

Surviving the Preakness

1. Stay in a Baltimore County Hotel along the 1-83/York Road Corridor. Hunt Valley is ideal.

2. Charter a ride to and from the event.

3. Do not drink.

4. Do not get high.

5. Do not leave the Pimlico facility. Even the security guards here rob and shake down white people.

If you decide to stay in a Baltimore City hotel, drive to the event, or take mass transit to the event, congratulations, you have won the Darwin Award. I can guarantee that no crimes short of murder that occur at or around this event will be reported. the paper and the four news channels are already slotting feel good news and will downplay any Baltimore area violence for the weekend.

The Baltimore Triangle - A Entire City Disappeared into It.

The Triangle of Death?


Cool aerial view video taken with a drone.


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