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‘The Client’
A Physical Fitness Trainer Muses about His Day

Our commission is being reduced by twenty-five-percent. Even so, business has increased so I’m making about the same. The owner changed my rate. So I asked him to see my no-compete clause—I signed two of them, so I could compare the agreed upon rate with my pay and he claims to have lost both of them yet insists that the no-compete clause is still in force and I can’t work at another gym.

Today I taught a fitness class to a bunch of recovering addicts from a rehab clinic. It was not fun. They just drift off, the only ones sticking around arguing with you. This one actually tried to pick a fight with me.

Before I eft for the day a client’s mother came in. Her sixteen-year-old daughter is in the hospital and she has brought a doctor’s note explaining that she would not be able to exercise for the foreseeable future. I charged her the fifty dollar cancelation fee and closed the account.

Then my boss goes off and says that the girl has to come in herself to cancel it otherwise her account goes to collections.

I explained, that she’s only sixteen, she’s in the hospital and her mother—her legal guardian brought the doctor’s note in.

He told me to change it back and I told him he could do it, that I washed my hands of it. Go figure, this dumbass owns half the business and he can’t make that entry in the computer. I left him to it as he threatened to fore me. I’ve got a phone interview at a strength and conditioning camp tomorrow. I hope I get it. Working for thieves is stressful.


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