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'The Cell Phone Hustle'
Big Ron Becoming a Harm City Sleuth?

James, I have asked around about the cell phone hustle.

It seams stolen phones, including the newest I-phone, can be completely erased with a computer program and USB plug to the phone. There are electronic stores around Baltimore that purchase obviously stolen phones, erase them as described and then sell them on Ebay.

Somebody then purchases the phone and gets them hooked up through their preferred carrier.

I hear there are several stores around Lexington Market that do this.

Hope this helps.

As always, protect yourself at all times.

-Big Ron

This makes a lot of sense. Many people have told me that these smart phones are useless to a thief, other than a few bucks for the battery. But I thought not. The vast majority of reported smart phone snatch-and-run capers have been committed in the Inner Harbor, the Business District and Mount Vernon, all within a ten minute walk—or a three-minute Dindu run—from Lexington Market.

Thriving in Bad Places

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La ManoMay 18, 2017 8:00 PM UTC

I have about the same chance of getting my cell phone stolen as I have of contracting HIV.

The first is because I don't own or carry a cell phone (A) because I have no use for one and (B) the same reason I don't use heroin - I can see first hand what they do to the life of an addict. The second is because I keep my John Thomas out of places I don't know where they been.

Except maybe for business, where your customer wants to get in touch with you, nobody actually needs the stupid things - I've never seen or heard anyone doing anything useful with one. Just addictive toys.