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Fractured History
Ishmael Week of Masculine Miscellany


Fire Lake

Song about taking chances, still able as old men!

La Mano has some sound advice, frustrating when you can no longer chase the bear into the thicket!

My favorite Hero/Battle

Perfect way to go.

Harald Hadratta was among the baddest. But I could do without the arrow in the arm pit. You know, if the Saxons had not had to fight him and then double back to Hastings, they might have starched the Normans.

Sally Cone Hits the Dating Scene - The Unz Review

The age of Sally? Couldn't pass this one up James!

Beats the hell out of a pipe filled with chicken guts!

We urban horn dogs swore by a pillow case full of ground beef. You guys must be uncircumcised.

Fractured History

Thought you might like this, the blackfoot oral tradition, of meeting whitey seems more likely, if this is a truthful article.

This I will footnote in Yellow Negroes and White Devils

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Sam J.May 19, 2017 1:35 AM UTC

Maybe not Whitey but there's way older sites in the Americas.

There's another site in California but I couldn't find a link for it. They've dug in several places in the same area and have found artifacts in more than one place at the same site.