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Who is Our Enemy?
Jeremy bentham and James Kirkpatrick on the Push for War with RUssia

This article is delightful. Like James Kirkpatrick I don’t regard the Russians as an enemy. As far as I can see the people today who want me and mine dead or in a prison camp reside in my nation’s capital and in its universities, not in Moscow. And why would I want to fight to defend such people? People who hate me so, who wish me harm and who seek to destroy everything and everybody I love and admire in my country. They are fake Americans. I don’t feel any kinship to them anymore than they do to me.

Treason To What? I’m With The Russians, They Hate Us Less Than The Media Does!

Technically, this is flag desecration—but Olbermann has hate America for years.

“Traitor!” screamed Keith Olbermann after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, though Olbermann himself was calling for Comey’s resignation months ago . [Olbermann: Yates An ‘American Hero,” Trump A ‘Traitor,’ by Amber Athey, Daily Caller, May 9, 2017] Protesters scream the president is a “traitor” at public rallies [‘Trump is a traitor!’ Protester forcefully removed from president’s Harrisburg rally, by Christian Alexanderson, PennLive, April 29, 2017]. Michael Moore has been calling Trump a “Russian traitor” practically since he was inaugurated [Michael Moore to Trump: ‘Vacate you Russian traitor, by Nikita Vladimirov, The Hill, February 14, 2017].

Of course, this begs an obvious question. Traitor to what? In an “America” which no longer has a definable culture, language, ethnos, history, identity or rule of law, what is there left to betray?

The open celebration of what any other generation would have called “treason” reveals how fully self-discrediting is the Russian “interference” narrative. John Harington famously quipped: “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” The “Russian interference” narrative is false because the fact it can be loudly denounced without being shut down for being the equivalent of “racist” or “xenophobic” shows Russia isn’t very powerful within our government and society.

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Ruben ChandlerMay 24, 2017 10:23 PM UTC

Spot on Jeremy! I hold the same opinions myself.