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A Call for Heathen Foes
Man Weekend 2017

Greetings gentlemen,

I have reserved the cabin on July 21-23rd for the 3rd annual man weekend. For those that have yet to attend we go to a cabin in Halifax PA where we shoot stuff, fight, eat, and drink to our hearts content.

Most of the action happens on Saturday so if you can only make it for a day that is the day to attend. I hope to bring a large Christian warrior contingent this year, so we need some heathens to balance it out!

Let me know if your in. The last two years have been a blast.

Best Regards,


Sean, lacking the charisma of your paladinic person—I mean, it couldn't be that your Hanged God has more followers than my Raven-Eyed Gray God—I find myself short of heathen bucks to hurl into the fray. But never fear, I am determined to show up in fighting shape, if not trim and fight. I know, I was supposed to be done fighting, so we will call them exhibitions. I'll box, stick-fight or cross machetes. I do trust that the Black Jamaican Nazi will be there with his 1898 Mauser to back me up. In the meantime, perhaps a likely heathen will see this post and join us for our Valhalla preview.

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