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Australian Gothic
A Riveting Look at What Hunts Us By Eirik Bloodaxe

Ah, my beloved American brothers, don’t even try to beat me in the theater of the absurd this week, because shithole Australia has it all.

For example, cooking… where a “putrid smell” coming from a slum unit alerted neighbors to…well…their neighbor had killed his tranny whatever and was cooking her on the stove in a great big pot. When the water boiled over and shorted the stove, the zombie cooker called an electrician and apologized for the smell, saying that he had been cooking “pig’s broth,” which was almost right if he had said “long pig’s broth.”


The being who did the killing, himself a male sex worker, and qualified chef specializing in broths, fled when the police came, and killed himself by cutting his own throat in an industrial bin. Did this brighten your day too?

It took four days to clean the “scene of horror.” Beat that Baltimore! Ok you have the one about the male feminist YouTuber arrested for murdering the female co-host:, but I think the cooking story gets more political incorrectness points because, well, it stinks more. And we get two birds for the price of one.

Australia, after all is the place where DNA jewellery is now made of discarded babies-in-waiting: A truly fantastic idea which I wish I had thought of first. But, what’s to stop us making jewellery from the body parts of the deceased, such as fingers, toes and genitals, which could be worn as necklaces, or suitably placed in various crevices and orifices via piercings? If it is good enough for the Aghori monks of Varanasi, it is good enough for us:

What are you, some sort of racist or something?

And, on a transgender multicult theme, let’s go out with some great Aussie music:

What a wonderful diverse culture we have, which is our strength in times of racism, white privilege and white existence!

I’m still here, amazingly, the attempted ending being merely a premature ejaculation. Let us not forget the good old US of A. Houston, is now the most diverse place in America:, and quoting from the wondrous LALA article: “In 1970, about 62% of Houston’s population was white. By 2010, that had shrunk to 25.6%. Over the same period, the Latino population grew from 10.6% to about 44%.

Newcomers have long been part of the Houston story, a city of migrants from across the U.S. that later became a city of immigrants — and their children. From 2000 through 2013, the Houston metropolitan area’s immigrant population grew at nearly twice the national rate.”

This is the future planned for ALL US cities, and in fact all Western cities, given the billions of migrants that are available for the purpose of demographic swamping. Think South Africa, everywhere: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Anyway, genetics and natural selection are still at work:

“The Ilford Recorder reports the remarks of Child Death Overview Panel Chairman Gladys Xavier who told the meeting there were ongoing education programmes targeting Asian communities in the area to address the prevalence of incest, which the paper referred to as a “continued problem.””

Once we hunted the mammoth, but now the mammoth hunts us.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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