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'Behold the Man'
Brent Friendshuh's Atmospheric Prose

I was thrilled today to receive a short piece from a reader named Brent, that, at about 2,500 words makes a pleasing tale of an undefined people, a people who know themselves from the inside out, who the reader learns about ritualistically, without the burdensome exposition that plagues a lot of fantasy. I would say that Brent is writing mythic fantasy the goes beyond wonder and into the human root system.

The untitled story could be the prologue to a novel or the frame work for a novelette or might stand on its own. When you can achieve that as a fiction writer then you've got options, a cut and thrust sword rather than a cleaver or rapier.

Thanks, Brent for letting me get a sneak preview—one of the perks of crackpotology it seems.

Below is a sample of Brent's writing:

"A vast forest of scarlet-hued jungle stretches as far as the mind’s eye can imagine, and in the sky above Moon and Sun spar in mock combat, like two bucks rearing up and charging each other."

Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend

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