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‘Boot Boys of the System’
Radical Agenda EP298 - Heil Heimbach with Christopher Cantwell

I remember being really pissed off when I saw Matthew on Vice’s White Student Union, because he and his group were supposedly patrolling to keep the neighborhood ,a mile from the gym I coached at, safe from blacks. I saw it as a PR stunt that was just going to cause race relations in Baltimore deteriorate further. This would not have bothered me if Matt was a Baltimorean.

However, it was nice to listen to his side of the story and realize that if only he and his friends would have been able to retain their sponsoring professor instead of having that professor told that he could not sponsor their union that their effort might not have turned into a circus. Despite the fact that I don’t understand the desire on the part of he and other Alt-Right persons to argue with brainwashed drones, I did find this episode informative and interesting.

How many energy drinks can Cantwell drink—and he is constantly hitting the vape pipe? BTW, people that nervous tend to get singled out in shitty places like Baltimore, so it is good he’s where he is.

The most fascinating portion of this podcast is at minutes 30-38 and the explanation of the White Student Union formation.

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BobMay 21, 2017 1:24 AM UTC

Brainwashed drones aren't the market, they're merely an excuse to air counter-arguments for the benefit of the thinkers and doers.

Most people are sheep, it's the goats who must be swayed. That's both possible and necessary.