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‘Europe As A Biological Entity’ is Varg’s signature concept and his video on the spread of early Christianity is excellent. I would like to ad that in 500, at least 28 athletes secretly competed at Olympia and 14 signed a victory plaque even as they were hunted by the communistic Christian hordes of the Late Roman Period. Few people understand how Christianity developed. The basic process was this:

1. A Hellenic interpretation of radical tribal, Judaism, with the introduction of the none-Hebrew, Hellenic concepts of Virgin Birth and Ascension.

2. The admixture of Hellenic-Egyptian metaphysics. This is the Gnostic branch, almost completely eradicated by the Dark Ages, with the exception of the doctrine of transubstantiation, represented in the Osiris-inspired consumption of the sacrificed deity. Some modern protestant theologians cite this as proof that Catholicism is Egyptian-inspired devil worship.

3. The absorption of hard-to-eradicate Heathen deities as saints, with the Catholic Cult of Mary being the most notable inclusion.

4. Homogenization of the wildly varying Christian sects followed the same pattern as the extermination of pagan religious centers and peoples, with groups such as the Bogomils and Arians eradicated. This was necessary to craft the Faith into a “Universal”—which is what catholic means—religion that was compatible with transnational, imperial ambitions rather than being mired in tribal, ethnocentric or even national identity.

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SeanMay 21, 2017 2:18 PM UTC

I stopped watching his Christian historical video when he claimed all early Christians were Jews and "gentile" referred to pagans. The Apostle Paul wrote several books to non Jewish Christians and specifically addressed gentiles in books like Galatians. Come on son!
responds:May 21, 2017 3:28 PM UTC

One of the things that happens with non-Christians who are looking for negatives is they will bounce back and fourth between citing catholics as representing what is wrong with all Christians in one way, then another denomination, and so on. I read a lot on this in my teens and found more cases of Christians wiping out Christians than pagans and in larger numbers. The non Judaic elements in Christianity are, on one hand used by some protestants to declare Catholicism as devil worship and on the other hand ignored by heathens as an example of Christianity preserving cultural traces that would have surely been eradicated by Islam, lacking as it does a Hellenic syncretism component.