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Hard Men, Today
A Survey of Recent American Combat Conduct with Big Ron

"Of all that breathes or crawls upon this earth, mother earth breeds nothing more feeble than man!"


James, here are a number of tales about what real men can do in combat, and then there is a video of a little girl would probably beat up most of the millennial men that are out there.

-Big Ron

Hand to Hand  

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Watch "Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute"

With families such as this, I fear America is in trouble. This young girl could whip most millennial men's asses.

Ron, I really like what this Russian family is doing. Note the father's invention for speed training, that it is shaped very much like a bicycle U-Lock. It you punch with a U-Lock held in the same way it is like an atlatl for throwing hooks. I practice using a hay hook, cargo hook and meat hook like this as well, also tools that can be used for this momentum-trip speed training method.



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